About me

I've always been very fond of animals, and for many years horses was a natural part of everyday life. For many years i worked at a stable and as a riding instructor. Over the years i watched and cared for a lot of both large and small dogs.
I've always wanted my own dog, so when I sold the horse it was time to finaly buy my own dog.
After careful consideration I landed on the beautiful breed kooiker. And i really dont regret that.

In 2013 I went to Denmark and brought a lovely little puppy home named Kea (Ea Evana). We did some puppyclasses and had a go at obedience. Together we decided to focus more on agility. Kea loved it.
Today we compete in class 3, Agility and jump.
In the autumn of 2016 completed the dog instructor education Step 1 by NKK (Norwegian kennelclub).  I am now sertfied and have the pleaseure of beeing the trainer for a lovely group of agilitypeople and their dogs once a week.
I hope to take Instructor education step 2 at NKK(specializing in Agility) in 2018.