About me

I've always been very fond of animals, and for many years horses was a natural part of everyday life. For many years i worked at a stable and as a riding instructor. Over the years i watched and cared for a lot of both large and small dogs.
I've always wanted my own dog, so when I sold the horse it was time to finaly buy my own dog.
After careful consideration I landed on the beautiful breed kooiker. And i really dont regret that.

In 2013 I went to Denmark and brought a lovely little puppy home named Kea (Ea Evana). We did some puppyclasses and had a go at obedience. Together we decided to focus more on agility. Kea loved it.
Today we compete in class 3, Agility and jump. In 2018 we won the Norwegian team-agility championship.
In november 2017 Kea had her second litter and Mooiekoois Bitzy Brilliante was here to stay.
She is a very active and driven puppy, future agilitystar in the making.

In the autumn of 2016 completed the dog instructor education Step 1 by NKK (Norwegian kennelclub).  I am now sertfied and have the pleaseure of beeing the trainer for a lovely group of agilitypeople and their dogs once a week.
I hope to take Instructor education step 2 at NKK(specializing in Agility) in 2018.