They ar now crazypuppys, running around and noisy. Exploring and playing all day long.

3 weeks old and going strong.
The boys are up on ther feet. They are more active and begining to be playfull with mom and each other.

The boys are growing fast.
This week they have opened ther eyes and started tumbling around trying to get on ther feet.

Kea is an amazing mom and the two boys are getting bigger and bigger every day. They have both doubled their weight.



Yesterday Kea went into labour.
at 01.45 21.03.17 she started pushing and after 20min a big boy (250g) came out. Kea has good instinct and started washing the puppy and bit the navelcord right away. 15 min after the first pupp came boy nr2 normal size (148g) after ten more minutes came a little girl.

Kea did...

This week we have started the whelpingbox project. Its comming along nicely. I havent decided witch colour to paint it yet. But i am thinking about grey or mint.

Kea and fagus hade two good matings last week. Now its juts a waiting game :)