Reunion at the Norwegian kooikerhondje club show 01-03.09.17


The annual Norwegian kooikerhondje Club show is always a
delight but this year the club was also celebrating 20 years.

It was a full weekend with a lot of activities,
presentations and socializing.
Me and Kea did some Agility, Rally obedience and participated in the show.
The best thing that weekend was that we got to meet Junior (Mooiekooi's
Amaretto All Night) again. I was happy to see him and his familiy again, and was so Lucky to get to show him in the ring.
He is growing into a fine young man. Such a lovely personality, happy go Lucky type. And he is a real beauty as well.
He had his first time in the show ring and did Excellent!
The honorable judge Diana Striegel gave him a really good critic and was
charmed by his Naughty eyes.
We are so gratefull for her seeing his potential and his great features.
Best Male Puppy 2017

Kea did ok she got Excellent very nice critic and we are satisfied
with that.
Kea also had a litle romance this weekend so we may expect some cuteness arriving in november.