3 weeks hast past and the puppys has now opened there eyes and ears. They are the cutest little monsters.

Thursday 02.11.17 Kea went into labour and gave birth to 7 pretty puppys. The birth went smoothly and Kea is a super mum.

Kea went on a date with the lovely Luiz 02.09.17
(N SE UCH NJV-14 AGHI AGI AGHII AGII Moonhaven Terrific Peperoni)

The boys are getting bigger, stronger, more agile and more noisy.
They have also got ther kennelnames and nicknames.
This week they also got a vacine and healthcheck, the doctor said it was to healthy strong boys with good personality.

They ar now crazypuppys, running around and noisy. Exploring and playing all day long.

3 weeks old and going strong.
The boys are up on ther feet. They are more active and begining to be playfull with mom and each other.

The boys are growing fast.
This week they have opened ther eyes and started tumbling around trying to get on ther feet.

Kea is an amazing mom and the two boys are getting bigger and bigger every day. They have both doubled their weight.